Vastseliina Castle outdoor areas

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Status: built
Location: Vastseliina, Võrumaa
Time: 2018
Designer: Lootusprojekt OÜ (Kersti Lootus, Katri Soonberg, Siim Lootus, Kadri Uusen)
Client: Vastseliina Piiskopilinnus SA
Builder: Lompka SK OÜ ja Kurmik AS
Budget: 487 867 €
Area: ~ 1,7 ha
Photos: Maris Tomba

Maastikuarhitetuur Vastseliina_MBA5870_c_MarisTomba

The solution was based on the “Novum Castrum – medieval theme park” project, which was initiated by Vastseliina Piiskopilinnuse Sihtasutus. The project goal was to create a solution that covers the entire castle with the marking and displaying of historic walls.

The concept of the entire area is based on the idea of minimum excavation and enriching existing space with new functions by adding lit footpaths, information boards, signs, sitting areas, observation platforms, a stage, an altar and a cross.

The contractor’s wish was to make the entire area more accessible and attractive and to display the destroyed historic chapel. The main tower (chapel) is the heart of the historic castle and its oldest part; according to a legend, a floating cross revealed itself there in 1353. In 1354, Pope Innocent VI confirmed that visiting Vastseliina gives an individual 40-day forgiveness from sins, making Vastseliina a pilgrimage destination.

The cross on the spot of the former chapel was marked as an illuminated sculpture.

The floors of the chapel and the main towers of the castle and some outer walls were marked to show the size of former buildings.

In the area, screw piles were used to avoid the destruction of historic walls. The footpaths follow historic plans in the areas between the destroyed walls.

The goal of the lighting was to mark the footways, display the walls and retain the mystic aura of the site.

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