Tammede park

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Status: competition project, building project is completed
Location: Haabneeme
Project date: 2018
Project team: Kersti Lootus, Kadri Uusen, Laur Palm
Client: Viimsi Rural Municipality
Area: ~ 4 ha

Tamme Park ülemine

The project won first place in the competition organised by Viimsi Rural Municipality, the Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

The purpose of the Tammede Park project, which was related to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, was to build a multi-purpose recreational area that offers something to do for children, nature-lovers, amateur sportsmen, pet owners and vacationers close to Viimsi State Upper Secondary School. The Tammede Park brings together the existing green and recreational areas, surrounding residential areas and planned public buildings. The design of Tammede Park is based on the principle of an active and modern urban park.

The park area is divided into several functional zones – an assembly square, a flag square, a playground and sporting area, a picnic and barbecue area, a spot for open fire, a sculptures park and a pet walking area. The location of the zones has been chosen for better cohesion of the existing buildings and buildings that will be completed in the near future. The network of roads in the park takes into account the existing and planned access points as well as already existing desire paths. Different activity zones are placed in the park area so as to create clearly distinguishable but mutually communicating spaces – all areas have a clear functional relationship.

The zoning is supported by the future lighting and greenery. As much as possible, the existing bushes and trees are preserved, including five large oaks that will be highlighted with lighting. The greenery will be thicker at the edges of the park and become sparser towards the centre of the park, which will open up the functional areas to the sun. The buildings planned for the neighbouring plots merge with the greenery so as to open up views to the park but hide the car parks close to the buildings.

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