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(ca. 3.5 ha)
Client: Haapsalu City Government
Project: 2006
Completed: 2010
Authors: Kersti Lootus, Heidi Viilop

Haapsalu rannapromenaad_MBA6526_c_MarisTomba (1)

The promenade is located in Estonia, in the Haapsalu Old Town heritage conservation area no 27013.


To restore Haapsalu’s status as a summer resort.


To restore the historical milieu of the promenade on Tagalahe Bay. No other city in Estonia can provide a beachside promenade with a similar historical background.

A historical approach provided the opportunity to become aware of the special atmosphere of the promenade culture of the past.

If historically, the main attraction of the Haapsalu promenade was the assembly hall and the events that took place there, we provided additional reasons to come here. We designed a functioning, aesthetically beautiful, integrated space with a nostalgic undertone. We restored the costal fortifications reinforced with quarry stones, paved the pathways and installed lightning.

To create a special atmosphere, we restored the decorative posts marking the ends of the streets, the historical stairs leading to the seaside and the sundial, all designed by P. Haavamäe. By marking off their original volumes, we also restored the spring pavilion, boat rental pavilion, music pavilion and toilets. We improved the Africa Beach with a children’s playground and beach service building.

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