Männi park

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Location: Tallinn, Mustamäe
Project date: 2019
Project team: Kersti Lootus, Kadri Uusen, Lidia Zarudnaya (Positiivne Pinnavorm OÜ), Liivi Mäekallas
Client: Tallinn Urban Planning and Public Works Department
Expected construction budget: ~ 1 120 000 €
Area: ~10 ha

Männi pargi maastikuarhitektuur ülemine

The purpose of the reconstruction project of Männi Park is to give this green area a new identity that would emphasise the abundant natural assets of the park, including introducing protected species that can be found in this area. When redesigning the prominent park of the area into an educational, interesting and playful environment, inspiration was found in the already existing environment along with its natural assets and the history of the area, including the historic name ‒ Mustamäe (Black Hill).

The park, formerly of a fragmented design, will be turned into an integral green area with functional parts (playground, recreational area, sporting area, public events area, etc.) in clear mutual relationship. Several new solutions take into account the seasonal usage specifics of the park. The current dilapidated and eclectic park furniture will be replaced with new pieces of furniture that support the common image of the new solution. Greenery will be added less rather than more – mainly on the perimeter of the park to muffle the noise of the intensive traffic next to the park. To modernise the unique network of roads in the park, the existing road corridors will be used as much as possible and supplemented with desire paths. The new connections to be created are based on the need of movement due to new functionalities, and attention is paid not to damage the natural environment of the park more than is absolutely necessary. The largest additions to the network of roads are a ring road on the perimeter of the park and the traffic park ‘Small Mustamäe’.

The special design of the small elements and facilities of the park are inspired by the historic design of the park originating from the 1960s. When selecting and designing the park facilities, especially the sports and playground equipment, all ages and special needs of people have been taken into account. The buildings/facilities (café, stage, kiosk) are given a common external finish with simple geometry to bring them together into one whole.

The project won the idea competition of the renovation of Männi Park under the keyword ‘Männiöölane’ in March 2019.

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