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Status: completed
Location: Rauha, South-Karelia County, Finland
Project date: 2012
Project team: Kiur Lootus, Kersti Lootus, Krista Roosi
Client: Pärisilla OÜ
Builder: Pärisilla OÜ
Volume: 144 m2
Photos by: Maarja Roosi

Lootosmaja projekteerimine

Lootosmaja was built for the Lappeenranta Holiday Housing Fair and the purpose of the project was to create a multi-functional summerhouse that would preserve the natural environment as much as possible. The dimensions of the plot played a great role in the architectural solution of the building – the building and natural environment had to be brought together into one functional whole on a small plot of land. This approach also supports typology. The keyword for the Holiday Housing Fair was environment conservation, which is the reason why Lootosmaja was mainly designed to be built from wood.

The size of the plot was 470 m2 and based on that the garden and the house were designed as one whole. The garden is designed low-maintenance ‒ a good solution for a summerhouse. The house is surrounded from every side with terraces and boardwalks of different size, bringing together the indoor and outdoor space into one organic whole. Both timber and laminated timber were used in the load bearing structures of the building and the exterior facades and roof were finished with Siberian larch.

The indoors space of Lootosmaja is divided between two floors – the kitchen, dining area and living room form one large unit with an additional bedroom and sauna on the ground floor and three bedrooms and a recreational area/play nook on the landing of the staircase in the attic. In addition, there are toilets, bathrooms and other auxiliary rooms on both floors. Altogether up to eight people, or two families, can use the summerhouse. The main finishing material indoors as on the exterior is wood – boards finished with a light varnish on the walls and floors of darker Ukrainian oak in contrast to the light walls that support the indoor lighting. The extensive use of wood ensures balanced and high-quality ambient air.

The pieces of furniture in the building were specially designed for this building by an interior designer.

Lootosmaja, which was built as a house for a fair, is currently rented out as a summerhouse – LINK.

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