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Status: completed
Location: Tallinn
Project date: 2019
Project team: Kersti Lootus, Siim Lootus
Client: Heritage Unit of Tallinn Urban Planning Department and Tallinn Central City Government
Builder: Kivisilla OÜ
Volume: 600 m2
Photos by: Maris Tomba

Ülemine Maastikuarhitektuur Kitsepark_MBA2514_c_MarisTomba

In 1930, the Board of the Visual Arts Foundation (Kujutava Kunsti Sihtkapitali Valitsus) decided to support the installation of the sculpture ‘Metskits’ (‘Deer’), which was created by the well-known Estonian sculptor Jaan Koort (1883‒1935) in 1929, in the green area in Nunne Street. Before that the area had no buildings.

In 1952, the Architecture Department of the City of Tallinn’s renovation project for the square next to Vaksali Street (currently Nunne Street) was submitted for approval. The project was prepared by Nora Tammoja. The project design has preserved until this day.

In time, the design of the green area changed because a heating pipeline was built across the site. The support wall along the street was raised, the stairs were removed and other changes were made.

The design made by Lootusprojekt OÜ in 2018 foresaw using the principles included in the design made by Nora Tammoja in 1952. Stairs were built, the sculpture ‘Metskits’ was placed on its original base, which was hidden by soil, benches were placed and lighting was designed. The area was opened for city residents and guests. The lighting solution was designed by Lighting Design Collective Oy, the winner of the idea competition for the lighting of Tallinn’s walls and wall towers.

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